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Becoming highly desired  in a competitive  market

We were approached by Rare Skin to craft an elegant, feminine brand identity, packaging, and website design that would stand out and set up the new skincare brand for success in the local and international market.


With a focus on their very first product – a medical grade cold compress mask, Rare Skin’s ambition is to see natural skin restored through the combination of modern technology and clinical ingredients. 


Bringing this ambition to the forefront of Rare Skin’s brand identity, we utilised modern, editorial typography as inspiration, paired with natural, organic patterns and imagery. This resulted in a brand system and packaging that feels reliable, sophisticated, feminine and down-to-earth. Curved lines, dynamic line weights and a clean finish ensure the Rare Skin logo is professional, versatile and timeless.


Formulating a high-converting website design, we utilised powerful SEO solutions and responsive systems to bring Rare Skin’s current and future product lines to the international market. Creating space for long term growth, we ensured the site features an easy to maintain back-end, custom design and user-friendly customer experience.


Our work with rare Skin resulted in a tactical brand, website and packaging design, established to grow with the business and compete in a growing, competitive market.



Rare SKin NZ SkinCare Logo
Rare Skin New Zealand Skincare brand
New Zealand Skincare packaging design
New Zealand Skincare packaging design
Rare Skin Mobile website
Rare Skin Logo design
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