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Brand Design

Create a lasting  impression

Forme will help your business to reach its' goals, driving meaningful connection between your business and your target market. Together we will transform your brand to accelerate your business’ potential and increase revenue.

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Brand Strategy

Our collaborative brand strategy is created to focus and accelerate all branding and marketing efforts. This process includes three key stages - analysis, research and strategy.


Through our analysis and research phases, we assess your brand positioning, get to know how your business is perceived by your target market and assess how it compares to competitors.


Our strategy phase includes identifying long and short-term goals for your business, before developing a thorough brand strategy that will achieve them. We dive deep into the identity, values and purpose of your business before strategising next steps to stand out in the market. 

1-2 weeks


Brand Design


Forme tactically crafts brands that drive businesses forward and position our clients as the leading brands in their industries.

Through market research and our collaborative process, your business will be set up with the key visual elements that tell your story and speak directly to your target market. Your brand will not only stand the test of time, but will provide a strong ROI.


“I’m reaching my ideal client, so much so that I actually raised my prices again.” - Krysta | Elevation Weddings and Events


Our brand design projects include a base-line of:

• Creative brief

• Brand concepts and revisions

• Primary and secondary logos

• Brand colour palette

• Brand font library

4-6 weeks

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Five weeks,  profound growth

Brand Design Process
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