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Showcasing the business’ focus on sustainability and setting it up to create impact  in the marketplace

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We were approached by Heart and Sap to establish a professional brand that will successfully establish the business within the market and reflect the quality and care of the hand produced products.


Heart and Sap specialise in mid-century meets contemporary style furniture, with a focus on utilising reclaimed materials. We wanted to reflect this style and ethos in the brand design, utilising clean architectural lines and bold sans serif typography to communicate trust, professionalism and quality.


We were inspired by the juxtaposition of man-made precision, meeting natural, organic curves. Pairing a clean, modern, iconographic style logo with free-flowing tree ring patterns, and an earthy toned colour palette, we tailored the brand identity to Heart & Sap’s target market.


The result is a bold, contemporary brand that showcases the business’ focus on sustainability, setting Heart & Sap up to grow and create impact in the marketplace.

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Heart & Sap logo design
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