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A romantic, celestial brand and website that feels deeply authentic

Wedding, Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer


The Wolfpack needed a strategic brand identity and website with big personality, to capture the hearts of fun-loving, romantics and become a memorable identifier of a talented photography business.


The heart behind The Wolfpack is a passion for romantic, meaningful moments and the long-lasting joy found in captured memories. The Wolfpack’s big personality and focus on couples’ uniqueness sets the business apart in the competitive photography industry.


We developed a foundational brand system, created to encompass the business’ joyful personality and deeply resonate with like-minded clientele. Playing with celestial style references, against a modern, minimal feel, we created a wolf illustration that reflects loyalty, playfulness and strength. Allowing the photography to take centre-stage, we combined an earthy colour palette, with clean lines to bring together each brand touch-point in a cohesive fashion.


The result is a neutral, romantic, celestial brand and website that feels deeply authentic and unique in the best way. The Wolfpack is now strategically set up with the tools to stand out in the industry and seamlessly connect with like-minded people.

The Wolfpack stationery design
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The Wolfpack logo design
The Wolfpack logo
The Wolfpack Website design
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