• Islay Wharton

What makes a Great Website?

Whether you're starting a new business, a seasoned entrepreneur or re-launching a brand, you NEED to have a great website that successfully communicates with your target market and converts site visitors into paying customers.

You can't start a successful business in 2021 without a GREAT website.

First of all, why do you need a great website?

  1. Your website is your 24/7 storefront. This means at any time potential customers can visit your site, buy, be informed about who you are and what you offer, and become familiar with your brand from anywhere in the world.

  2. Your website represents your brand. It tells the world all about your business and how they can benefit from what you offer. Your website reinforces what matters most to your business and encourages brand recognition.

  3. Your website provides credibility. Simply having a website presents you as a legitimate, trustworthy business with authority in the market.

  4. Your website firmly positions you in the market, strengthening your business's ability to sit above your competitors and become the only option in your industry.

  5. Your website can appeal to, attract and resonate with your target market. As an extension of your brand, you can easily be found by and your dream customers or clientele.

So, what actually makes a great website?

  1. A great website is on-brand. A great website utilises it's brand guidelines to ensure it is reflective of the brand's visual identity. It communicates the core vales, heart and mission of the business whilst communicating directly to the brand's target market.

  2. A great website is user-friendly AF. A great website knows and anticipates the moves of the user. It has excellent navigation that makes sense. It leads the user through the website with ease - ensuring the user ends up at the primary goal (for most websites this is making a purchase, booking a call or getting in contact). A great website is functional on both desktop and mobile and has zero glitches, broken buttons or errors.

  3. A great website has great copy. Every written element of the website must be strategically written and laid out with the user and target market in mind. A great website's copy relates to the pain-points and problems of the target market and provides a 5 star solution. The copy uses the language and tone of voice used by it's target market. It engages and provides the website user with all the information they will need to work with or buy from you without creating enormous paragraphs of text that will be overlooked.

  4. A great website is innovative and unique. It provides something new, something that wows, excites or engages. A great website utilises atypical media such as gifs, videography and illustrations. It uses unique layouts, design and navigation that works yet surprises the user.

  5. A great website is luxurious and high-quality in every way. From photography, to videography to branding to layout, to copy to design to fine touches and details, a great website is high quality. The website will be professional, strong and competitive in the market.

For any business, creating a great website is an investment, but one that will see future success, growth and an incredible ROI as you up-level and position your brand in the market.