The Secret to Conquering a Saturated Market

Want to know the secret to conquering a saturated market - no matter what industry you’re in?

Sounds like a dream cure right?

Well here goes…

Free value.

I know that may seem quite unusual and ambiguous but all it really means is to provide your people (your ideal customers or clients) with valuable information, insights, entertainment or knowledge for before they purchase from you.

This could look like social media posts or stories, blog posts, videos, books, articles or literally anything you can think of that can connect you with your people.

The key is to know your audience and target market. Understand their needs, values, problems and passions. Then bring strong, information-filled and/or entertaining content that brings them value or adds to their life.

And you know what? Buyer psychology says they will then be far more likely to buy from you because they’ve already received something from you that they deem to be of great value for no cost at all (and honestly, they may not even be aware of it)!

That’s all for my free value today 😉