• Islay Wharton

The Mindset of Success

MINDSET is one of the greatest factors to determine a business’ success.

There’s a lot I could say on mindset, so to save you some time (and boredom), I’ve created a list of my top 5 mindset tips for a successful business:

1. Believe in yourself and believe in your product / service

Most people can smell inauthenticity from a mile away so if you don’t truly believe that what you’re selling brings value / changes lives / makes life better then (first of all, what are you doing?) no one else is going to either. Understanding the value your business brings makes selling it 100x easier and means you are able to form real, meaningful relationships within business from people who trust you and what you do.

2. Don’t place your focus or priority on money

It may sound a little backwards but TRUST ME, a money-orientated business owner suffers the loss of customer satisfaction, trust and positive business perception. If your product or service is incredible and you make good business decisions, then the money will come regardless. But if making money is your number one priority, the longevity of your business is limited and both you and your customers will suffer.

3. View each customer or client as an individual

Every single person and situation is unique, so treating them as such will mean your quality of service increases and your customer / client satisfcation increases with it. Tailor what you do to your poeple and ensure they know they are valued. Individualise services, customise products if possible and ensure you’re making the most of every client / customer interaction.

4. Make a habit of going above and beyond

A “that’s above my pay-grade” attitude will sink a business faster than the titanic. Provide value everywhere you can, put your heart and soul into all you do. Your customers / clients will notice, but more importantly, you will be providing an UNMATCHED service in your industry.

5. Love what you do and make sure you’re enjoying the journey

What’s the point of doing the hard-yards and building a business if you don’t enjoy it? If you don’t enjoy the core of what you do, then something needs to change. Shift your focus, work alongside people who can enable you to do what you love and ALWAYS come back to the reason why you started business in the first place!

I hope these tips encourage you, motivate you and help to build your dream business to success!