• Islay Wharton

Navigating your Competition

Navigating your competition within business is a fine art. You can either constantly be comparing your business to others and feeling as though you’re not good enough, progressed enough or talented enough. OR you can learn to have an edge over your competitors and craft your own journey.

Here’s how - the three keys to building an edge over your competitors:

1. Be authentically you

Show up. It's as simple as that. Show your brand personality on social media, on your website and in your marketing. Connect with your people - those who NEED what you offer, those who are interested in your business and those who you're interested in working with. Open conversations, be bold and build a community. And most importantly, NEVER be a copycat. Pave your own way, define your own goals and ooze authenticity.

2. KNOW your competitors

How do you define your business against the masses? How do you have an edge over your competitors? KNOW who you're up against. Find out who does what you do and who your ideal clientele are also considering working with. What do they do better than you right now? What do they offer? How do they present themselves? Write down each of these points and compare them with your own business. This part can take a hit on the confidence, but you can't get ahead if you don't know what you're supposed to get ahead of. Now you can begin to plan, strategise and get out there, five steps ahead of your competitors.

3. Finally, ABG - Always be growing. Don’t become complacent when things become comfortable. Comfort is your ENEMY. Shift, innovate and keep moving forward. Sometimes you need to think outside the box and creatively strategise new shifts in the business. This could mean pursuing a new product or service, creating a new marketing campaign, connecting with other business owners, rebranding, or gaining a mentor. Your competitors can’t catch you if you’re constantly moving forward and growing.

Now you are fully equipped to not only navigate your competition, but to create an edge and unique selling point for your business. Get out there and conquer.