• Islay Wharton

Is it worth investing in business cards in 2022?

When discussing stationery and brand applications with clients mid rebrand, the inevitable question of "do business cards really matter?" or "is it worth investing in business cards in 2022?" is bound to crop up.

As we progress through the age of constant digital innovation, it's not surprising we're beginning to question the relevance of some of the more traditional and more costly forms of marketing.

What can we expect in terms of ROI?

Your first port of call is to analyse the potential return on investment (as any rational business owner would). Although business cards certainly do not carry the same up-front price tag as a rebrand or most other investments, it's important to know if your efforts will be rewarded.

Research tells us the number of sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. Meaning, the projected increase will provide different levels of ROI depending on the size of your business.

In conjunction with this, we also know that 63% of people throw away a card because they do not require the service at that point.

Those are some frighteningly defeating odds, however there is some great news...

It's quality that counts

Adobe have found that a coloured card lasts ten times longer than a white one, likely due to memorability and perceived quality.

Further research also shows 72% of people will judge you on the quality of your business card and 39% go as far as to not do business with someone who has a cheap looking business card.

So what does this mean?

As Aura Print put it, "cheap business cards are really a false economy."

If you have any intentions of utilising business cards, it’s absolutely worth investing in quality design and print, ensuring not only memorability, but a tangible return on investment also.

"Business cards are like art. To be of value, it must be appreciated and not quickly discarded."

- Henry Fan

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