• Islay Wharton

How to plan social content that will grow your business in 2022 ⚡️

As a business owner, crafting impactful, strategic social media content can be a time-consuming chore and one that often produces minimal results.

To kick off our first blog post of 2022, I want to distill Forme's social content framework into three key steps, that will not only help you realign your social marketing, but will increase your engagement and sales through social media.

Before you even start writing captions or collating hashtags, consider the following steps to frame out your content and position your brand at the forefront of your industry.

1. Establish your Content Pillars 🏗

These are the primary categories of content you want to cover across all your social media marketing.

Some examples include:

  • Authority Content (i.e. educational content, how to's, step-by-steps etc)

  • Behind the Scenes Content (i.e. a day in the life, work in progress, packaging orders etc),

  • Entertaining Content (i.e. funny or relatable content, jokes relating to your industry, story times etc.).

  • Business Promotion Content (i.e. sales, event promos, giveaways etc).

Choose 4-6 primary content pillars and ensure any business promotion content isn't more than 20%-25% of the total.

From here you can craft a framework for the types of content you want to produce across your social media.

You can now begin to list specific content ideas under each pillar to refer back to when creating reels, writing captions, crafting blog posts or sharing on stories.

2. Realign your content with your target market 🧘🏼‍♀️

To create content that connects with the right people, it's important to clearly establish who you're speaking to.

Dig out your target market profiles or brand personas from your brand strategy and identify if and why your target market will value or engage with your individual content pillars.

If you're yet to firmly establish your brand's target market - send through an email and I can lead you through the process.

If any of your content pillars, or content ideas within the pillars won't provide a strong connection with your target market, toss them.

From here you will be able to craft social content with a specific type of person in mind. You're able to speak in their language, address their concerns and relate to their lives.

This is the secret sauce that drives engagement.

3. Define what problem your content is solving 🪡

For strong social engagement and buy-in to your brand, your target market must be able to immediately find value in your content.

Find out what your target marketing are lacking, what their pain-points are and what they're in need of. This is your moment to craft content that addresses this - whether it's entertaining, educating, funny or problem solving.

Look back over your content pillars and identify what is the specific problem you're solving or what value you're providing within each content pillar.

🎓 With strong content pillars aimed at providing value to your target market, you now have a strategic social media content framework to work with in 2022.

Not only will this framework assist in long-term content planning, but it will drive engagement and growth through your social channels, impacting long-term growth!

Share your favourite content planning tips here or follow along for more!