• Islay Wharton

How to Plan Content that will Revolutionise your Business

It’s no mystery that an on-brand, cohesive social media feed benefits your business’s reach, your connection with customers and your memorability with them.

But why is it so hard to achieve an aesthetic feed that will compete with the masses?

My answer? Planning.

Consistently getting great looking, valuable content out on social media is truly a mission, what business owner has the time? Do you really want to have to hire someone for the job? I get you. I’ve been there. The reality is, the majority of businesses are reactive rather than proactive with their content. Rather than planning ahead, it’s a realisation that you haven’t posted in 3 weeks, it isn’t bringing in new customers and you have no idea what to share.

So here I have collated my top 4 tips to help you plan out content that will engage directly with your people:

1. Establish who you are. What are your values and goals? What are you here for? Who is your audience? These are the fundamentals.

2. Know your brand visuals. Get familiar with your colour palette, your brand style and vibe. The kind of language and tone your brand uses.

3. Take and collect lots of images that align with your branding. Hire a photographer. Get a creative to design some cool content. Just make sure it’s on brand!

4. Finally, bring value. People don’t care until you give them a reason to. Know your audience and what they care about. What are their needs? What are their passions? Relate these to your business and speak directly to them.

Following these simple steps will undoubtably revolutionise your online presence, directly connect you to your ideal market and build brand trust.

Be sure to let me know how it goes @formecreative!