• Islay Wharton

Brand Aesthetics and Money

Branding and marketing cost money.


Because the work of a great marketer and designer will guarantee a significant increase in revenue for your business.

A great marketer and designer will not only make your business look good, they will have researched thoroughly your industry, target market, market positioning and design styles that will ensure your business is positioned as the best in your industry, for your market.

You can't grow your business in 2021 without professional branding. You will inevitably plateau and limit your business' potential.

So, why can't you go on Etsy or Fiverr and purchase a $40 logo? Because your logo is not your brand, it's merely an element of your business' brand as a whole.

Your brand starts with your business' purpose, vision and values. It encompasses your ideal customers or clients, your differentiation from your competitors and ultimately, it's the strong emotional attachment and powerful feeling your people have about your business. The visual elements of your brand are the cohesive outworking of all these things. Your logos, brand colours, typography, photography and all collective imagery represent and outwork every piece of strategy and research done prior.

So why won't an inexpensive Etsy logo grow your business and increase its revenue? Because there will be a substantial lack of research and strategy backing it up and you will be left with a solo logo that doesn't resonate with your target market or differentiate you in your industry.

But, on the other hand, why does professional branding design cost so much? There are many things to take into account here, but primarily a great brand designer will have a wealth of experience, expertise and skill, all ready to benefit your business. This, alongside the amount of time (which may surprise you) your designer will spend researching, iterating and refining your brand, all collates to a premium price.

So yes, professional branding design and marketing is an investment. It's one that ultimately, if your business is ready for it, is worth the time and money. You will inevitably see a return on your investment, as you position your business as the best in your industry and most attractive to your ideal clientele.