• Islay Wharton

5 Hot Tips on Staying Relevant and Desired in the 2021 Business Climate

In the past year our businesses have experienced a whole lot of change. Hopefully some for good but no doubt there's been some setbacks as well. Growth is great, development is great, but our challenge is to view setbacks and disruptions (like Covid) as opportunities to shift, flex and take a hold of new opportunities.

The key to a sustainable business, specifically a sustainable business in hard times, is to remain flexible and lead our teams with strength, compassion and optimism.

For my fellow business owners, today I want to bring some real, practical advice that will ensure your business remains as relevant and desired today as it did pre-Covid.

5 Hot Tips on Staying Relevant and Desired in the 2021 Business Climate

  1. Ensure your business has the space and freedom to flex, shift and develop to suit the current circumstances. For many businesses this may mean moving your products and services online, investing in maximising your digital presence, altering your offerings or re-marketing what you sell to suit the needs of your people.

  2. Stay as flexible as possible. Right now your customers, clients and staff need a whole lot more grace and compassion than ever before. Be flexible with deadlines and timeframes, understanding with other's financial situations and compassionate for all that your people are going through both professionally and personally.

  3. Hold a people first approach. Ensure you are always thinking about the primary needs of your target market and alter what you offer to meet those needs. This will not only provide a genuine solution to a genuine problem, but your business will remain relevant, needed and profitable in such a crucial time.

  4. Take every problem, speed bump and setback from a standpoint of opportunity. Your mindset matters and your business' success largely relies on the mindset of its leader. Problems are a vital point in the road where you are given the decision around how to overcome. Don't hold this position lightly.

  5. Seek support. Don't do business alone. It's so important you find or build a community around you who can support, uplift and grow you and your business. Be proactive and unashamed to find the right support that will help to propel you forward.

Remaining relevant and desired is the most important thing for business owners in 2021. Let me know how Forme can best support your business by sending us an email at: hello@formecreative.co.nz.