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Effectively establishing the business’ reputation  for high quality, customer focused  work

Renewable Energy Plumbing


Enviro Plumbing Solutions needed a sophisticated brand identity that would strategically position the new business in the market, and effectively establish the brand’s reputation for high quality, customer focused work. 


Specialising in renewable energy for residential homes, Enviro Plumbing Solutions needed to distinguish themselves from existing professionals in the trade industry with a modern brand identity that communicates trust and professionalism.


Enviro Plumbing Solutions’ logo was inspired by the dynamic movement of water, creating a free-flowing ‘E’ shape with its movement. Utilising clean, minimal imagery and cool, neutral colours, Enviro Plumbing Solutions’ overall brand creates balance, symmetry and sophistication.


The result is  a professional, versatile brand that not only clearly identifies the business, but strategically targets architects and high-end residential home owners who understand the value of renewable energy systems, and communicates the value to those who don’t yet. The brand instantly creates trust with its clearly defined identity and consistent use, ensuring the business remains memorable and relevant.

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Launch Graphics - Enviro Plumbing Solutions
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